A Nickel For Your Thoughts: Contact Dermatitis Allergens and Food Allergy

Tests that are considered proven for diagnosing food allergy have been skin tests, blood tests that look for IgE (the class of antibody associated with allergic diseases) and, if necessary, an office ingestion challenge.  When the skin tests and blood tests are normal, the scientific conventional approach is to call a recurrent specific food reaction […]

Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing: It’s Personal and Business

posted in Clinical Science Research

We are more conscious about protecting our health from infections since early March.  Some of us may now be thinking of preventing other medical conditions.  Is direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing something we should get to see if we will develop a chronic disease? Does direct-to-consumer genetic testing give results that can determine the best treatment […]

The Troubling Topic of Gluten Sensitivity

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We all have become better-educated by the media and the government about immunology over the past two months.  But, I think we are all also tired of hearing about and living with COVID-19 day in and day out.  I’ve been wanting to write about gluten sensitivity for a while since I heard a 2018 medical […]