Allergy and Asthma Care

Allergic Reactions to the Sun: Some Light On The Subject

     Earlier this month, a physician whom I’ve known since our high school days called me to ask my thoughts about a chronic bumpy rash on sun-exposed areas of one of his co-workers.  Besides quoting the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ (which, by the way, is attributed to an early 20th century American advertising manager),...

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Air Purifiers–What Should We Know?

More than a few patients ask us if buying an air cleaner or air purifier helps control allergic symptoms.  Running an air purifier can help to improve indoor air quality by filtering the air to remove odors and animal dander.  The Air Purifier Buying Guide of March 2020 from Consumer Reports states that portable air purifiers with HEPA...

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A Gathering Cloud: Allergic Reactions And Other Effects From Recreational Marijuana Use

In a few hours, we enter a new year and a new decade (depending on whether one counts from zero to nine or from one to ten) with hope for the world and for ourselves.  The new year is also the start of people being able to buy marijuana in Illinois for recreational use. According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, two business chains that...

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