Coupling High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Account

As health insurance costs continue to rise, more and more people are looking for cost- effective ways to cover themselves and/or their families. One such alternative that is gaining popularity is a high deductible health care policy (HDHP).  These programs allow you to enjoy a lower premium cost, but carry a higher than average...

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A Gathering Cloud: Allergic Reactions And Other Effects From Recreational Marijuana Use

In a few hours, we enter a new year and a new decade (depending on whether one counts from zero to nine or from one to ten) with hope for the world and for ourselves.  The new year is also the start of people being able to buy marijuana in Illinois for recreational use. According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, two business chains that...

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Maternal Diet And Preventing Childhood Allergies: Still Many Unknowns

One of the most frequently asked questions of allergists--besides “Why are there more people with allergies” (for which there is no single answer and is still considered to be due to multiple possibilities ranging from antibiotic overuse to diesel exhaust)--- is: What can pregnant and postpartum women do to prevent food allergies and...

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