Asthma and COVID-19: Making Sense of Data

For the past three years, I have written about updates in peanut desensitization during the month of July.  However, I have received questions about the risks of COVID-19 for those with asthma over the past month. So, this month’s blog will --for the 3rd month this year—be devoted to the medical condition affecting all of us in so many...

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Coronavirus Part II: The Way Out Of This

I had planned to write this month about the latest research in biologic therapy for allergic diseases—the theme of this year’s annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology during March 13th-March 16th in Philadelphia.  That plan changed at 4:10pm on Sunday March 8th when I received an e-mail announcing that...

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A Gathering Cloud: Allergic Reactions And Other Effects From Recreational Marijuana Use

In a few hours, we enter a new year and a new decade (depending on whether one counts from zero to nine or from one to ten) with hope for the world and for ourselves.  The new year is also the start of people being able to buy marijuana in Illinois for recreational use. According to yesterday’s Chicago Tribune, two business chains that...

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