Allergic Reactions to the Sun: Some Light On The Subject

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     Earlier this month, a physician whom I’ve known since our high school days called me to ask my thoughts about a chronic bumpy rash on sun-exposed areas of one of his co-workers.  Besides quoting the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ (which, by the way, is attributed to an early 20th century American […]

Grass Pollen Counts This Year: Delayed But Not To Be Denied

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          In my experience, this month’s grass pollen counts in the Chicago area have been quite unusual.  There was a two-day burst of grass pollen on April 28th and April 29th, and then nothing…………. until low levels on May 27th and moderate levels on May 28th.  During 2016-2020, sustained levels over many days […]

As Our Immune Systems Age: Lessons For Today And Tomorrow

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     Our immune systems are–like every organ system in our body–subject to the aging process. The term used in the medical literature to describe these age-related changes is immunosenescence. Perhaps no time is more important in understanding this than the past 14 months when the responses to (a) being infected with the COVID-19 virus and (b) being […]