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The Promise Is Not Reality Quite Yet:  How The Microbiome Has Caught Our Attention—Part 2

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In March, I wrote that the view of the role of intestinal bacteria in allergic diseases has evolved from disdain and scorn in the 1990s to current ‘rational exuberance’ (to paraphrase a term from Alan Greenspan—former chairperson of the Federal Reserve).  Health care professionals and scientists refer to the intestinal bacteria as the ‘microbiome’—the community […]

Here Comes Vitamin D—Or Should It Just Be The Sun? Vitamin D Supplements In Treating Allergies and Asthma

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     In the musical world, everyone could see which Beatles song was the world’s most popular one when their catalog became available on iTunes in November 2010.  During the first month of availability, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ was the most requested song.      In the medical world, some–but not excessive– sun exposure is […]