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COVID-19 One Year Later: Following And Learning From The Evidence

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          On leap year day last year, I posted a blog about a respiratory-borne illness that had potential to be serious for some of those who have asthma or chronic nasal/sinus symptoms. By reviewing recommended hygienic measures, my expectations were that (a) this illness would just be a bit worse than the 1957-58, 1968, […]

COVID-19 And ‘The Vaccine’

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     As 2021 starts, COVID-19 continues.  But, so does the rollout of the two vaccines—one from PfizerBioNTech and one from Moderna– that have been developed from the messenger RNA (mRNA) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.   The PfizerBioNTech vaccine is under emergency use authorization (EUA) for those 16 and older.  The Moderna vaccine is under EUA […]

Melatonin And Immune Function: Some Light On The Subject

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Last month, one of my patients who has an immunodeficiency said she takes melatonin and asked me if there is a beneficial effect of melatonin on the immune system.  The subject came up a few weeks later—around October 1st–in the media when melatonin was mentioned as part of a certain individual’s initial treatment for COVID-19.  […]