COVID-19 One Year Later: Following And Learning From The Evidence

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          On leap year day last year, I posted a blog about a respiratory-borne illness that had potential to be serious for some of those who have asthma or chronic nasal/sinus symptoms. By reviewing recommended hygienic measures, my expectations were that (a) this illness would just be a bit worse than the 1957-58, 1968, […]

COVID-19 And ‘The Vaccine’

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     As 2021 starts, COVID-19 continues.  But, so does the rollout of the two vaccines—one from PfizerBioNTech and one from Moderna– that have been developed from the messenger RNA (mRNA) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.   The PfizerBioNTech vaccine is under emergency use authorization (EUA) for those 16 and older.  The Moderna vaccine is under EUA […]

Pet Dander Reduction: Trying To Get To Hypoallergenic

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Approximately 50% of households have pets based on statistics from animal food suppliers. The dander from the pet is the major culprit that causes allergic symptoms.  Dander is composed of microscopic skin cells shed by cats, dogs, rodents and birds.  The American Lung Association describes pet allergens as light in weight and jagged in shape. […]